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  • You Get A Happy Client

  • You Earn A $400 Referral Fee

  • We Help You Fund The Trust With the All The Client's Assets

  • You are now in a stronger advisory relationship with your client like never before.

  • You Create Massive Referrals Through Family Meetings

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Who Are We?

Estate Plan Documents have invested in digital AI technology to produce attorney drafted estate plans that has been developed and refined over the last ten years and has made full estate plans affordable on a mass market scale.

We become your back office that provides your clients the best and most comprehensive estate plans available.

  • You book your client on our calendar for the discovery call.

  • We interview your client and take payment (about half to third of what it would cost to use an attorney).

  • We put together their estate plan.

  • We deliver the estate plan to them to get notarized and witnessed.

  • We upload the digital document to an encrypted cloud so they can make changes anytime for the rest of their lives.

  • We conduct the trust funding zoom call with you and the client to review their assets to fund their trust.

  • We pay you $400.

Advantages to YOU?

  • Not much of a time commitment from you.

  • Your client gets a superior, customized, attorney drafted estate plan documents at an affordable price.

  • You earn $400.

  • You will get a complete asset picture about the client during the trust funding meeting.

  • You are now in a much stronger advisory role with your client.

  • You will get multiple referrals doing family meetings with the client's family to introduce you as their advisor.

  • You are protected from any liability as it relates to the estate plan.

Revocable Living Trust

The Revocable Living Trust is the centerpiece of your client's Estate Planning Portfolio.

The trust is completely under their control. As the name implies, their trust is fully revocable while they are alive. They may alter, amend (in whole or in part), or even revoke the trust at any time. They can transfer their assets back out of your trust just as easily as they can transfer assets into your Trust.

Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament included in their document set is better described as a "Pour-Over Will". It is used in conjunction with a Revocable Living Trust and its primary function is to convey everything they have forgotten to fund into the trust prior to their death (hence "pour-over").

Durable Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney

"Durable" means that the appointment of the power will "endure" even after your client's incapacitation.

A Power of Attorney will give their appointed agent the power to make certain decisions on their behalf when they are unable to do so.

Living Will & Advance Directive

Living Will and Advanced Health Care Directives allow your client to determine how they want medical care administered if they have a terminal illness or are in a comatose state.

If such a condition should happen to them, these instruments will serve to give notice to medical professionals their wishes (such as if they desire whether or not to be kept alive by artificial means).

Guardianship For Minor Children

Should your client have minor children, they can include the guardianship for their children.

In addition, they can provide a sub-trust for their child to continue to provide financial benefits administered by a trustee.

If there is a special needs child, they can provide for their child in a way that will not jeopardize any government support.

Watch Our Free Training

This is a simple explanation of what our estate planning program can do for your client.

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How The Software Works

This is how the software works step by step. If you use our software concierge service, they will do this for you with your client and you still get paid $400 plus the trust funding part.

The Trust Funding Meeting

This is how the trust funding works, doing an inventory of ALL their assets to help them fund the trust.

We Can Help You!

Grow Your Business

Imagine being able to leverage our expertise with your desire to serve your clients with the best products available - the ultimate win, win, win scenario:

  • The client wins with a complete estate plan at an affordable price,

  • You win with a $400 referral fee, and a stronger advisory relationship with the client,

  • We win with another happy client that has now avoided the pain of probate through a comprehensive estate plan.

Hurry Up!

Your clients are not getting any younger. Be their hero and help them complete their final decisions in the form of an estate plan BEFORE tragedy strikes. Then watch your business grow!


Numbers Don't Lie

  • AARP - 60% have no estate plan or will in place.

  • 88% of special needs families do not have a trust to protect their special needs child.

  • 78 % of millennials (ages 18-36) and 64 % of Generation Xers (ages 37-52) do not have a will.

  • The average cost of an estate plan runs anywhere from $2500 - $7500 - and ANY changes in the future will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per revision.

Client Testimonial on the Horror of Going Through Probate



  • Our price point is affordable
  • We don't charge for revisions
  • We provide unlimited TOD* Letters
  • We make sure the trust is funded
  • We involve you in the trust funding meeting
  • We upload the documents in an encrypted cloud

*Transfer on Death


  • Their pricing for the trust alone can be expensive
  • They will nickel and dime them for EVERY change
  • They will charge you hundreds for just one TOD
  • They typically don't do anything with the trust
  • They don't send the client back to you for anything
  • They give them a paper copy to lose

I couldn't believe how simple a process this is with the nice concierge, Kevin helping me. I was able to make all my decisions and now I have everything in place for my children. I have peace of mind now!



Mary R.

Cincinnati, OH

Now I feel I can finally rest easy knowing I have everything in place.



John D.

Tampa, FL

I was able to help my client get this estate plan done and now it has led to several annuity and life sales and referrals to their adult children.



Bill S., Agent

Phoenix, AZ

The concierge kept me in the loop the entire way. And the trust funding zoom call was incredible. I would have never been able to get their detailed asset picture until that meeting!



Darrell P., Agent

Louisville, KY


Will I have any liability with this service?

Absolutely not! Our estate plan software concierges are certified and licensed to operate our software. Any legal questions can be handled properly by licensed attorneys. Should there be any need to incorporate something out of the ordinary, we have the legal team to draft supplements to the estate plan.

Is this one of those trust mills?

Absolutely not! We provide attorney drafted documents that covers a client's last will and testament, living will/advanced directives, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, revocable living trust, and guardianship for any minor children. The trust, while an important piece to estate planning, is not the focus of our program.

How long have you guys been around?

We have been in the estate planning world for about ten years, providing the most widely used estate planning software platform in the country; used by estate planning professionals and attorneys. This is our full-time focus - to help professionals like you provide the best estate planning service to your clients.

How does the $400 referral commission work?

When you refer your client to one of our concierge agents, they will conduct the discovery call to determine how we can help your client develop their comprehensive estate plan. When they pay their fee of $1995, you will be paid your commission of $400.

Simple as that!

How do I know that you will hand my client back to me to help them with other financial advice?

You are an important piece to the process. The final meeting with the client is the trust funding meeting where you and the client will be on a zoom call with the concierge to go over their assets and fund the trust appropriately.

What if they already have an estate plan?

Perfect. Ask them, "when is the last time you updated it?" Chances are not in a long time. We have the ability to "restate" their current estate plan while updating it to their current needs, consolidating their will and all their other documents into one document, upload it into an encrypted cloud where they can make changes whenever they want without the need for an attorney or the fees they charge.

Make a $1,000 Per Client Through A Software License

Ask us how you can provide this service directly to your clients by licensing the software to use it yourself to help your clients for $49.95/Mo and earn $1,000 per case.

Also take advantage of our prebooked appointment lead generation program to have clients interested in estate planning book on your calendar.

Client Database Activation Program

Find out about how we can help you automate sharing this incredible estate plan program to your existing client database.

We can set up an automated drip campaign with texts and emails coming from you to your clients to generate interest. Clients will book themselves on to your calendar for a short conversation.


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